The Fabulous Land of Wedding Bling

Buildings as Astronomical Instruments

Betel Leaf's emphemeral green spiral into the red

Old Delhi's Colourised Sepia lanes

Pigeon Napping in Progress in Old Delhi

Observational Variations on Existence

Manhole Covers at 45 Degrees South

Cloud Nine Berries

When is Chair Like a Plate of Spaghetti?

Return of the Light _ Milfording

Poems Flourishing in Polished French - Invitation to Take a Seat

The Soft Soap or No Words LIke Snow Words

Cat's Play: Slips in the Perceptual Field

Winging It - Christmas Decs

Tickled Pink - The Roseate Lane

Rock Legs - Seat Yourself by the Bow River

Canada-ing: Maple de Jour

The Larder Spruce or Squirrelling Away

Deer Me

Afternoon's Reversal of Morning's Clouds